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We’re launching in early November, starting with NYC. Provide your email and we’ll let you know when our small-group hangouts are up and running. In the meantime, tell your friends who are itching to find a different (and better) way to meet new people!


Tell us about YOU

Let us know your affiliations, interests, and quirks. It’ll help us connect you with others you’d likely get along with.

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Browse and choose activities that matter to you, and get a sneak peak of who you’ll be hanging out with.

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Secure your spot, mark your calendar, and join others who love doing what you love!

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The ones you haven’t met yet


It should be easy to make new friends as an adult. But given your busy schedule, you’re often confined to your immediate social sphere.

That’s why we built Round Robin: to help you find others who share your interests and hobbies (we call them #Chirps). So, whether you recently moved to a new city, or just want to add some diversity to your crew, we’ll help you do the things you love with people who enjoy them too. So what are you waiting for?

Find your ideal group experience

Search for the activities and groups you’ll love by filtering for professions, industry interests, hobbies, affinity groups, and more.

Guest list that shows what matters

Share what you have in common with hosts and guests before committing, while keeping the rest of your profile private until you unlock it for them.

Discover friends with matching interests

Chances are, there are others looking for the same fun, quirky things as you. Filter and discover users who you’d like to send personal invites to.

Focus on a good time, not on logistics

From offering special group discounts to tailoring event visibility, Round Robin allows you to customize your events on multiple dimensions so that you can spend more time actually planning for the event and less on the nitty gritty.